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The Boardroom Experience

Only the chosen few get to peek bethind the curtain to experience the inner workings of the boardroom. Preparing for the challenges and equipping yourself with the mindset to effectively serve on a board as an INED is a difficult task as an active executive. The Boardroom Experience aims to address this learning gap by empowering more leaders with exposure to the boardroom, serving to accelerate boardroom readiness and skillsets and playing a part of changing the face of organisations worldwide. 

This full-day programme will enable participants to fully immerse themselves in the boardroom experience.

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Who should attend

The boardroom simulation experience is designed to support executives with their board ambitions, equipping them with the knowledge, understanding and mindset required to make impactful decisions and champion the highest standards of corporate governance.

The programme is designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to assume boardroom responsibilities as a Director or Non-Executive Director.  Participants can be company sponsored or self-sponsored.

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Programme details

Participants will have the opportunity to enhance their board level impact and learn from one of the most influential and experienced FTSE 100 Chairmen, Sir Donald Brydron (Chairman of Sage, Former Chair of the London Stock Exchange) who will lead the board simulation.

Teaching content includes:

  • Purpose of the board

  • Roles and responsibilities of board members and committees

  • Board ethics and compliance

  • Board simulation exercise and debrief

  • Board appointment process


Other information

Tuition fee: $2,300 USD ($2,000 USD for alumni)

Held in Hong Kong, for one day only, the experience serves to inspire, engage, challenge and open up new networks to participants. Through a comprehensive combination of lectures, an interactive simulation and input from senior business leaders, the Boardroom Experience offers a blend of academic and practical learning.

Learn how to challenge conventional thinking and address contemporary issues facing board members.


To register, or to find out more, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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