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Engaging, inspiring and retaining top female talent

2020 is the year many countries around the globe committed to achieving greater gender parity in the boardroom. But with the new year just around the corner, we need to face the reality that APAC is falling behind (China has just 11% female representation at the board level, Hong Kong 13% and Singapore 15%).

Our recent study highlighted that companies in Hong Kong stand to lose 45% of their female talent over the course of their careers. This represents a huge loss of talent potential that we must work to stem.

The University of Hong Kong and Meraki Executive Search & Consulting have expanded their partnership to deliver the 2020 WDP Series, supporting companies to shore up their female talent pipelines and enable women to reach their full potential in the workplace.

Take a look at our 2020 executive education programmes on offer:

Women’s Directorship Programme 2020

The Women's Directorship Programme (WDP1) - the world-leading board readiness programme - is designed specifically to prepare female leaders to take on the boardroom challenge. Now in it's eighth year, the programme benefits from an established Alumni programme and over 35% of past participants now hold a seat at the boardroom table serving to change the face of boardrooms worldwide.

2020 dates: 21-23 May (Session 1) and 10-12 Sept (Session 2)

Programme Modules:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members

  • Strategic Leadership

  • Persuasive Communication and Conflict Resolution

  • Securities Market Regulation

  • Ethics and Compliance

  • Board Simulation exercise

Women's Development Programme 2020

The Women's Development Programme (WDP2) - launching in 2020 - is designed for high-potential female talent, supporting them during their transition from mid to senior management. All the research that has been conducted exploring the female talent pipeline, in addition to our own study, points to the fact that the first step up into management is a sticking point for female talent - the broken rung of the ladder.

2020 dates: 12-14 March (Session 1) and 14-16 May (Session 2)

Programme Modules:

  • Strategic Leadership

  • Negotiation and Collaboration

  • Strategies for Future Business

  • Persuasive Communication

  • Managing Your Ecosystem

  • Ethics and Compliance

To learn more about the programmes and Meraki's diversity focus, please visit the WDP website or contact one of the team.

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