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Leading change in gender equality

The Workforce Inclusion & Diversity Conference is taking place in Hong Kong on 14 - 15th May (next month), and we are delighted to share that Kirti Lad will be moderating an important panel discussion on 'growing the talent pool for attracting and retaining women in leadership roles'.

This session will explore:

  • Discussing strategies for retaining female talent - what has worked and what hasn't

  • Identifying mentor and sponsorship programs within the workplace

  • Understanding the benefits of having a diverse board and senior leadership

  • How will the future of work impact the profile of talent you are looking for

  • And techniques for attracting women into the workforce

Click here to learn more about the conference.

If you would like to register, use VIP code: SPK-HK-10 to benefit from a 10% discount off your ticket.

We hope to see you in May.

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