Interview Preparation Top Tips

Preparation for an interview is a must-do and can be the difference between success and failure. Good preparation boosts your confidence and gives you an insight into the organisation and the executives you will be meeting. Nothing is worse than looking back on the interview for the dream job you didn’t get, and wishing you had been more prepared. Here are some top tips to make sure you’re ahead of the game. COMPETENCY-BASED INTERVIEWS A ‘traditional’ interview, (sometimes called an unstructured interview) is free-flowing and more like a conversation. An interviewer won’t have a particular script but will ask questions relevant to the job and will be trying to get an overall impression of wh

Meraki is going pink in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this year, Breast Cancer Care is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the pink ribbon. Meraki is going pink in recognition of the bravery and courage breast cancer suffers display every day. We are inspired by their ability to bounce back, stay positive and keep going…..In honor of these incredible people, we shine a light on you this month. For more information on Breast Cancer Awareness Month please visit: #Commitment #CSR

Managing the female talent pipeline

To maximise the advantages that women bring to the workplace and enable them to reach their full potential, we need to commit to the gender diversity agenda. In order to see more women reach the board we need to focus on managing the female talent pipeline. In this blog, we outline 4 business practices that will contribute to change – some can be implemented overnight, others will take more concerted effort and buy-in from senior management. Current state of play Women currently represent around 12 percent of all board-level positions worldwide, even though they make up over 40 percent of the global workforce. According to Catalyst, in the US women hold 20 percent of board seats, in Europe

Creating a stand-out CV

It may have been a while since you last updated your CV. Rather than simply adding in your most recent roles to an old document, we recommend refreshing your CV completely to ensure you are positioned at the top of your game. We have created a simple 12-step guide to ensure your CV really stands out for all the right reasons. Preparation CV Structure Formatting your CV Personal Details Profile and Opening Statements Career History Qualification and Certifications Referencing Academic Publications Hobbies and Interests References Review CV checklist Please contact us to receive a free copy of the guide today. In the meantime, please read the taster below to get you started... As you prepare

Do you have what it takes to be a Meraki Executive?

Meraki is a Greek word which means doing something with soul, creativity, or passion — when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing or, in other words, the essence of yourself that is put into your work. Meraki Executive Search & Consulting is dedicated to finding truly exceptional leaders that put their heart and soul into their work; those that have purpose. Our company name sums up what we do - Meraki is focused on “seeking the extraordinary”, both in terms of identifying and engaging the best talent, and supporting individual executives to develop their exceptional abilities. The creation of the Meraki Network also helps to transform the diversity landscape across Hong Kon

3 simple ways to develop executive presence

There is no universal definition of executive presence, which is what makes it so elusive as a concept and as something that can be measured. Executive presence is a highly perceivable concept and it is essentially an individual's impact - both visual and aural. Content is a key component - content with resonance, credibility and that demonstrates deep thought. Whatever you think of the concept, executive presence is a MUST for success in the corporate world. Some are blessed with innate executive presence, but the good news is it CAN be learnt and plenty have. All successful executives have to work on it - they are successful purely because they are the ones willing to continually grow a

Meraki Commitments

Meraki Executive Search & Consulting is a company driven by purpose. Our team want to create an impact on the world of work - not only through our commitment to tackling the current gender diversity imbalance in boardrooms across the globe, but also via supporting executives to achieve their ambitions. See what drives us, below: Diversity – we are dedicated to tackling the current gender imbalance in boardrooms and management teams globally: Meraki is committed to providing balanced shortlists of at least 30% women and enabling companies to manage their female talent pipelines The company has launched a number of initiatives (programmes and networks) with the aim of creating a catalyst for

How to develop a board CV

A board CV is a very different animal from an executive CV. A board CV requires you to highlight specific skills and experience in order to reflect a different purpose and alternative audience. Headhunters and decision makers, such as nomination committees, will receive at least 30 unsolicited CVs a day so you must invest time to ensure yours stands out for all the right reasons. Here are four guiding principles to help you develop your board CV: 1) Your CV is a sales tool Its sole purpose is to get you through the door. CVs need to be clear and concise, enticing the reader to find out more about you. The best way to approach your board CV is to identify your value proposition and di

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